Photo Quiz Where Is It?

This is a quiz with pictures. The idea is to see if you can identify where the place is in the photo. They are all taken from the air so that they show the shape of the islands or shorelines. A few of them were taken during the draw down so there is more shoreline or rocks seen than at summer water levels.

The way the quiz works is the first picture is a very small section that shows the “place” to be identified. The next picture shows a bit more of the area and the final picture is a pretty wide angle picture. If you want to play this as a game and see if you do better than someone else, you might give yourself 5 points if you get the place only using the first picture, 3 points if you use the first two pictures and 1 point if you identify the place with the third picture. The answers are given after the eighth set of three pictures, which are the last set.

Note: These pictures are set to be “large” and you may need to reduce their size by clicking Ctrl “-” to see them better. It all depends on your computer settings.

The first island is Cate Island

The second is Warren Sands

The third is The Heath

The fourth is the sand bar on Stamp Act

The fifth is the Wentworth Watershed Office Building

The sixth is the Sister Islands with the Jo and Min (you didn’t have to know their names) and Poplar Island

The seventh is the Sister Islands with Flo and Wal (you didn’t have to know their names)

The eighth is East Jockey Cap and Mink Island

I hope you enjoyed the quiz……..    If you were scoring 5 for getting it on the first, 3 for the second and 1 for the third picture, your totals indicate your lake knowledge.   40  –  A Lake Wizard         34 – 39   You know your stuff          24 to 33   You are pretty good!     8 to 23    You may want to take a flight over the lake to see it from the air.

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  1. Great fun!! Thanks, Peter!
    Encouraging to see the lake ice free, even tho it’s last Fall!
    We’ve got the lake fever!!!

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