Lake Hosts Needed – Yes, We Need Them!

We Need Lake Hosts!

Volunteers do some of the hosting but there is also an opportunity for a paid position. If you know of anyone who might be able to help, please contact Susan Goodwin. If you want to volunteer for a few hours a week, do the same.

Do you know of someone who would like a job this summer who hasn’t found one?

We need help to protect our lake and Lake Hosts check for invasives coming into our lake. Previously, our Lake Hosts have had a number of “saves” where invasives that we don’t want in our lakes didn’t get there because we had lake host inspectors at Mast Landing boat ramp.

If you can help or know of someone who can help for a few hours a week or someone who wants a paid, part-time job for the summer, let Susan know.

To learn more about Lake Hosting check out the more detailed job description at NH Lakes Lake Host

Susan’s number is: 603-569-2935

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  1. Hi Susan
    My son is interested in the weed control patrol at Mast Landing. Can you please tell me more and what hours are involved? He is going into agricultural high school majoring in Marine Biology and Environmental Science.

    Thank you

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