A Touch of Fall

Oh, we are still a week away from the Equinox but there are starting to be small changes. Some are subtle and you have to look for them. The temperatures still are not dropping into the 30s but they are dropping to the 40s, without heaters, it is a bit chilly in the morning…..

There is starting to be some color. You have to look in small places but the red leaves are starting to show.

The Pepperidgetrees, called black gum by some, always start early and near the Sand Bar on Stamp Act, some are showing a bit of red.

Mergansers are now family groups and all the “goslings” are full sized and hard to tell from the mother. (The fathers left for the ocean months ago. Dead beat dads?)


Some mallards are hanging out along the shore and right above these ducks, a kingfisher flew but did not stay around for a picture.

The little maple on this island is starting to think it is Fall. Copplecrown is in the background.

Some beavers are plying the waters. This looks like an adult and a juvenile based on the head size.

And finally, an adult loon who looks mostly like the summer plumage but there is a small white area near the eye. Yes, this is the first sign of a change to the winter plumage that is grey and white. They will leave the lake and stay in the ocean, most likely between Portland and Rhode Island for the winter. Before returning they get their wonderful Summer plumage again.


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