Ice Is “In”! Some of the Patterns Are Amazing

Well, the lake is frozen. In many places, the ice is four or more inches thick. At the same time, if you venture out, take self rescue devices such as a screw driver that could allow you to claw back onto firm ice. You would need this only if you went to places that are most likely near shore or the typical places where it doesn’t freeze well such as between Cate Island and Stamp Act. If you venture out. Be careful.

At the same time, the freezing event was rather quick. The lake had skimmed over twice before so the water was near freezing. On the 17th, it froze and unfortunately for skating, snow was part of the picture. It is not smooth ice as there are lots of bumps. Some of the bumps are larger than others but there is little area with smooth ice.

Below is a crack that formed in the ice and water came up through it to make the ice slushy that did not all melt before it completely froze.

Some of the patterns were rather strange. Why a circular pattern forms with the other swirls is something someone else might be able to explain but it remains a mystery.

It is almost like there was someone who “swirled” the chocolate cake batter into the marble cake.

This picture is looking toward Cate Island and Stamp Act.

Up close, the swirls often seemed to make circles of snowy ice with other layers.

The freezing process around islands was also interesting. There had been strong winds and rain. Because the lake is supposed to be at the “winter level” the dam has been open to take it back to its level from a few inches above that level. (Yes it rained a few inches…..) The result is that ice chunks have been left on the rocks.

From a bird’s eye view, the patterns are amazing. This looks toward Brummitt Island and Point of Pines from near Cate Island. The dark areas are the smoothest ice with other areas quite bumpy.

Another view.

More of the patterns.

As you look at these, what figures do you think are pictured her? It may be like looking at clouds where you see ships sailing or whatever.

As always, the lake keeps changing. If you are lucky, you get to see some amazing things.


  1. Wow! I’ve never seen this before. Beautiful! Thanks, Peter, for sharing the winter lake.
    Merry and Happy to all!

  2. Thank you for the pictures which are my only connection with the Lake for most of the year. The project to protect the water is a great success. Happy New Year!

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