It’s Winter – According to the Calendar and the Way it Looks Outside

Before Christmas, some great skating was enjoyed and the ice boats were out. Since that time, it has been warm and then New Year’s Eve, it snowed. The snow was the heavy kind. The “official” Wolfeboro total was 11 inches but it also was heavy enough that XC skis only sank a couple of inches into it. If it had been light and fluffy, you would have almost hit the bare ground. As was mentioned in the last post, there is slush under the snow. The slush will freeze up on skis and you can get your feet wet although falling through the ice that the slush is on is generally not a problem. (Do realize that some places are NOT well frozen so use care going out on the ice and take self rescue devices, especially if you don’t know where the ice might be thin).

Below is the track of a snowmobile that went through some of the slush. It kept going and didn’t get stuck. Today, January 5th, snowmobiles were active on the west end of the lake in transit from the railtrail to other snowmobile trails.


From the southeast end of the lake, Mt. Chocorua is seen and it is very snow covered.

Along the beaches, some of the old ice ridges were visible under the new snow.

The wind is moving some of the new snow around. Because there is little new fluffy snow, there isn’t a whole lot of snow to blow around. This is looking west with Little Bass on the left and Sister on the right.

The temperatures are supposed to be seasonal for a few days but may reach into the 50s for the weekend. Then it is supposed to get really cold.

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