The Brewster Heath Brook Preserve Is a Beautiful Place

Our major event of the past year was to close on the Brewster Heath Brook Preserve. People have been canoeing and kayaking up past the property for years. The swampy areas that are encompassed by the purchase are wonderful in protecting our lake. But there are also beautiful things to see. Russ Schundler takes wonderful pictures but has put together a set of pictures that speak to the beauty of the property. Russ took pictures on the new trail that was constructed and they show what land near a wetland looks like. All pictures courtesy of Russ.

This is a picture of the land next to the swamp with the ferns typical along the wetland.

Ferns and grasses flourish near the swamp.

Wetlands are characterized by tree types but the Brewster Heath Preserve abuts the wetland and larger trees grow next to it on the drier land.

The swampy areas afford some areas that are “slightly higher” than the surrounding swam and allow larger trees to grow.

Here, a hemlock stands tall with ferns in the background.

This group of hemlocks is quite spectacular.

Here, old uprooted trees still sport their old roots. It is a place to walk up and get a bit above the swampy ground.

This is those same roots in the context of where they are. They are right next to the swamp and the upper left corner of the picture looks north to where Heath Brook enters Lake Wentworth.



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