More Happenings at the Heath

The Wentworth Watershed Association is planning to expand the trail in the Brewster Heath. The present trail has a few nice view points and many people seem to be enjoying it even in winter based on the tracks in the snow. The expansion of the trail will add another loop with some interesting things to look at. These include a small stream coming into the wetland, a large tree that was cut for lumber but with a large section left behind (for good reason) and also a huge pine lying on the ground that may have been a “King’s Mark” tree. It will also go through some recently lumbered area as well as some beautiful hemlock forest.

In order to build this trail, a bridge needs to be built across rocky and wet land as well as across a small stream. The bridge will be made of hemlock lumber because it doesn’t rot as fast as pine and is also not slippery when wet like pressure treated lumber. The plans for the bridge will aim to have as little disturbance of the soils but still allowing for a safe structure. It is estimated that a cubic foot or two of dirt will have to be moved so there should be no adverse impact on the water of the Heath. The lumber was taken near the bridge site by members of the Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club. The photo below shows where they off-loaded the lumber from their sleds.

Then, the group took the lumber “on land” so that if it didn’t get moved before the lake was brought up to the summer level, it wouldn’t float away.

A nice pile of lumber, a dozen hemlock planks as well as pressure treated 4 x 4 to rest the planks on.

But then the lumber disappeared…….

Only to show up near where the bridge is to be built. The bridge and trail construction will take place in the late Spring and Summer and it is hoped that it can be used in August but workers will be needed to make that happen. Stay tuned for when you can help. The new trail with where the stream crossing occurs is shown in the map below.

And finally, this is looking in the direction of where the bridge will be built. The orange ribbon shows the way but the snow covers up the rough ground and the stream itself. It is hoped that the snow will be gone by May……

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