Drone View Ice Out Part 2

There was about 6 inches of snow that came down on the 23rd and there was one day of XC skiing before it melted. By the 26th, the lake had gone back into melting mode. Presently, plenty of ice exists but because most of the shores are free of ice, that ice can now start to move around. Also, as the wind blows across open water, it mixes the water and melts more ice. Because of a forecast of warm, sunny weather for the next two days, more ice will melt.

As an aside, the local population is worried about people with vacation homes coming to this area. If they come, they should plan on self quarantine for 14 days meaning that they don’t shop or interact with people. Stores are now closed anyway. The issue is that our health care system is not robust and can’t handle lots of sick people. It is mud season anyway and the water is too cold for most activities.

On the 26th, the drone pictures show what a lot of the lake looks like. There is also open water in the bay by the State Park and around Triggs but the drone doesn’t like to fly that far. The first two pictures are of that bay from the road. The first is looking along the east shore the second is along the road.

Below is Bass and Little Bass with the Sisters in the background.

Below are the Sisters and Stamp Act

Below is the north end of Stamp Act, Mink and Triggs. The shallow rocky area off the end of Stamp Act is open water now.

Cate Island has made an interesting area of ice free water.

Looking along the east side of Stamp Act toward Mink and Triggs. Note the cracks along the shore.

The big crack that goes from near Cate Island to Point of Pines. A large section of ice has moved slightly into the bay between Point of Pines and Point Breeze.

Looking along the south side of Stamp Act toward Bass and the Sisters.

The sand bar on Stamp Act and basically open water all along its shores.

Bass and Little Bass are almost free of ice.

Little Bass has a prominent crack that goes toward Stamp Act.

Another crack goes from the lake’s south shore to Bass.



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