News Flash! Ice Out Declared

Ice out was declared at 10:30 April 3rd. The last ice disappeared from Holden Shore as the wind cranked up overnight so the small chunks around yesterday changed back to the liquid form. Nancy Gilbert was the closest to the time and date. Nice guessing!

It is a rather nasty day so even though the lake is free of ice, the wind and rain will keep most off the lake. 6 Ring Billed Gulls were seen headed toward the lake, though, but they can’t stay indoors…..

What follows is the previous post that was published on March 31st.

Some shores are free of ice, others aren’t. There are huge ice floes wandering around. At the same time, it isn’t going to be long. Temperatures aren’t supposed to be below freezing except for briefly and the days are going to be in the upper 40’s or low 50’s. There is a video of the ice situation at the bottom of this page.

In the afternoon, along Heath Shore, there was an area free of ice and then ice going out toward Bass Island.

At Governor’s Rock, ice had been pushed by the wind and the weak ice piled up on the rock.

A painted turtle was out on this sunny day in a swampy area and is a sure sign that spring is here.

At around 3:00 PM there were still large areas of ice to the south of Stamp Act.

Likewise, there were areas of ice to the east of Stamp Act and a section of ice going to the north shore. The area around the State Park was free of ice.

Blobs of ice were around Mink and extending toward Turtle.

Burmmitt Island was free of ice although there is ice along its shores and there was ice going all the way down to Warren Sands.



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  1. Thank you Peter for these extraordinary views of our lake in Winter and now Spring These great shots and videos would in the past only be possible thru considerable expense and effort.
    Fred Burgher

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