The McBride Conservation Area

The Wentworth Watershed Association now owns the McBride Conservation Area. It is a piece of property the extends from Porcupine Cove in Crescent Lake to the Heath. The land is basically undeveloped although snowmobiles have, upon occasion, traveled across the land. They do spend time on the swampy area of the Heath when it freezes in the winter but there are no trails connecting Crescent Lake to the Heath.

Below is a rough drawing of where the property is. The right boundary should be farther to the right.


A map of the area is shown below.

Some of the area is quite “thick” with conifers but other areas are rather open woods. Along the Heath, there is a lot of swampy land but there is wetland on the interior where the word “McBride” is on the map. There is no easy landing area in Porcupine Cove and the shore line is steep. On the Heath end, it is all swamp and getting to dry land from the water is not really possible.

The property line on the south side of Porcupine cover is rocky and steep, really more cliff like. It is very difficult walking but Craig Garland was looking for a corner post and climbed up onto the top of the rocky slope.

Along the water line, at one point the cliffs are a few dozen feet tall and the rocks at the bottom are covered with moss.

In the area closer to the Heath, some nice open woods are seen.

And finally, from the very tip of the property on the north side of Porcupine Cove, there is a nice view of Crescent Lake with the Belknap Mountians.

In the future, more access to the property may be available that that may take a bit of effort…….


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