New Ice Update

Yes, there is ice that hopefully will get thick enough to skate on and sail iceboats. Parts of the lake are smooth black ice while others are smooth slushy ice. At present, no snow is on any of it so it should be getting thicker with the cold days and nights. A drone view of the lake is given in this article. There is also a link to a video at the bottom of the article.

Below is a picture of the west end of Stamp Act and the Sisters.

Next is a picture of Bass and Little Bass with a look at the east end of the lake with Stamp Act on the left

This is a picture of the sand bar on Stamp Act and Cate Island looking east.

Looking back west, Bass and Little Bass are in the foreground and the Sisters in the right middle.

This picture looks east from near Red Brook Circle with Bass at the left, Stamp Act pointing to Cate Island and Warren Sands in the distant middle.

A link to the drone video is:









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