The Lake Before the Melting Starts

It has been cold through the 8th of March but now things are starting to change. It may hit the upper 50s this week but it will take more than a few “hot” days to get rid of the ice. Ice houses have been removed from the lake but travel on the lake is still safe except for the usual, now obvious places.

One thing of note is that the eagle pair seems to be still interested in being on our lake and were seen near their new nest tree. The old tree is the dead pine that is near the North Beach and they moved to a new tree 4 or 5 years ago. In the picture, below, it looks like they are having a pleasant conversation, perhaps making plans for a new family. We can hope. The male is the one on the right and the female is about 50% larger than the male.

There really isn’t a whole lot to talk about as the lake has been looking like a frozen lake for awhile. However, there was a time when some heavy wet snow fell and this added weight to the ice which sank a bit. Water seeped up through the cracks and made slush. In places, the slush froze before people went through the top snow and tracks are like what are shown below.

In other places, the tracks are now, or at least temporarily, frozen in time.

The picture, below, shows when snow mobile went through very deep slush. Nice they didn’t get stuck.

The tracks, below, show activity around an ice fishing house that was removed a few days before.

Some of the tracks collected bits of drifting snow as there was quite a spell with strong winds after about an inch of snow fell.

It will all be gone before the Summer but you can come back to the website at that time and see the ice. Might be nice on a hot day……




  1. Great pictures, that we see everyday!
    There are changes with the last couple days of milder weather.
    I will send you some photos from the past few days , and today.
    I also saw an otter on the ice a couple weeks ago, about 3ft long, very dark and long tail, this morning I saw him
    again, swimming along the shallows between the melting ice.
    Not quick enough for a photo, but I’ll keep trying!
    The beavers are also active, they have taken small limbs and branches from our Poplar and young Ash trees.

  2. A few weeks ago, I saw a Fisher walking on the ice, that was confirmed by others, what I saw this morning was an otter.
    Different head and tail.

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