It Is April, Not Swimming Weather – and a Buoy Warning

Things are warming up but not that fast. Not many people are boating but a few are out. Buoys may be an issue for a while in that the ice has moved some and others have been ruined by having a snow mobile hit them. While these are not the only “issue” buoys, the NW buoy on second ledge has obliterated by a snow mobile. One of the buoys that indicates the channel between Brummitt Island and Point of Pines was moved and now is about 10 yards from the other buoy. Don’t know if either is in their “normal” place. Be careful out there.

April is not always “wonderful” with regard to weather. It was snowing on the 16th but is now melted at the lake although at 2000 feet, there is still snow. It will go away as the temperatures in the next few days should be in the 50s or higher. At the same time, a sky might look like the photo below that doesn’t add warmth when the temperature is around 40.

After the snow/rain, it was not conducive to being on the lake. The temperature was around 45 with a north wind.

At the same time, there are signs of Spring. The swamp maples are starting to put out their buds and some areas look “red”.

The Song Sparrows are back and in a trip out in a kayak, half a dozen were either seen or heard singing. “Quick, quick Madge, bring me the rain check quick.” is what they say over and over again, with some variations and sometimes cut short.

The eagle pair is on the lake but not nesting at the moment. We can only hope.

A sign of spring is the palm warbler. They are always optimistic and early in their return. Most other warblers won’t get here for a few weeks.

And finally, a picture of an eagle in the old nest tree. The top of the tree must have broken off in one of the wind storms this winter. It was struck by lightning a number of years ago and died and the pieces are falling off. It is still a nice perch for an eagle.

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