Spring Is Progressing

It is slow but it is still early May. Stamp Act has some trees that look green (other than the conifers) and maples are showing reds, too. Temperatures seem to go up and down and this week, the high temperatures might be in the low 70’s but no one is holding their breath. It is nice, however, not to have temperatures in the 40’s with howling winds. The winds, though, were howling out of the north and west so people on the upwind shores were been spared.

Below, light green leaves are starting to show on Stamp Act. The reds are maples that are budding.

Even up on the hillsides, some light greens are starting to show. Nice to see some “spring” color.

Last year, the ice had moved a rock from east to west and landed on this spot where there is sand bottom visible. The rock was near the surface at winter water levels and was frozen into the ice and then when the ice moved, it dragged on the bottom. This was documented last year in an article on this site. This winter, the rock was moved from west to east and dragged along the bottom again.

Its new position is about 30 yards from where it started. This rock is near the North Beach on Stamp Act. Go north and around the corner toward the east and you can see it. It is near shore so be careful with your motor boat.

Spotted sandpipers are back. They fly along the shores with rapid wing beats and then gliding. This makes them easy to see and they also bob their tail up and down so they are easy to identify.

People are using the rail trail and the bridge over Fernald Brook gives a nice view of the lake with Copplecrown in the distance.

Warblers are returning and this black and white warbler was seen at the Fernald Brook crossing.

Yellow warblers are back, too. This one was seen in a thicket near the black and white warbler.

Things are looking up, the water is still cold but it is warming. The lake level is almost at the summer level so things are moving forward.

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