As occurred for over thirty years, lake residents and loon lovers took part in the annual Loon Census. It was an overcast morning with a threat of rain, when 24 volunteers set out to cover 9 sections of Lake Wentworth. The water was calm with some glare, which made viewing a little difficult. The viewing time was between 8:00-9:00am.

A total of 24 adults and 2 chicks were observed by the volunteers. One of loon chicks had been seen regularly since late June, but the other had just hatched from an unknown location. We suspect that the nest was likely on Bass Island or Little Bass Island. Both chicks are growing rapidly.

The Crescent Lake observers have seen 4 adult Loons regularly this season, but two others joined the four during the census for a total of 6.

Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in this year’s census.

The Loon Census is a state wide effort conducted by one of our partner organizations at The Loon Preservation Committee based in Moultonboro, NH. To learn more about loons check out their website and plan a visit the Loon Center.

To learn more about the meaning behind different types of loon calls click here

Hugh Crawford 

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