Be Aware! Lake Navigation Hazards – Some Buoys Have Been Moved by the Ice or Damaged this Winter

We have heard from members who are making early ventures out on Crescent Lake and Lake Wentworth about some usual springtime hazards. This is a good reminder to be very careful if you venture out on lakes. Wear a PDF, take it slow and watch carefully for submerged or partially submerged hazards. Do not depend only on buoys for navigation- use your knowledge of the lakes to make navigation decisions. Buoys positions move with the ice over winter. We also have reports that one buoy was damaged this winter by a snowmobile. The WWA safety team has reported these issues to Marine Patrol who will shift the locations of the buoys before Labor Day- their positions are not always perfectly accurate. It is wise to give them all a wide berth. Realize, also, that no rocks are marked when they are leas than 150 feet from shore where you are supposedly going at headway speed, 5 mph or so anyway. This speed allows you to see rocks and also avoid swimmers. When you are that close, you go at your own risk. Have fun on the lake and be safe..

Downed trees, displaced docks (the finger docks at Camp Bernadette’s were taken out by a breaking ice sheet. Sections of the that dock have been found as far as warren sands. If you find more dock on your shore please contact the amp directly  (603) 931-5500.

Water is a dangerously cold- 45 °F- submersion in water this cold will quickly lead to hypothermia. Stay safe out there.

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