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Watershed Education Resources for Teachers and Families

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Thanks to our friends at Lake Sunapee Protective Association for putting together all of these awesome resources!

If you have favorite resources please send us an email with a link and we will include them in this list.

Curriculum Resources for the Watershed Education Program

All of these curriculum resources are part of the NHFG Watershed Education Program Teacher Manual that can also be provided in a 3-ring binder format. When possible it is best if teachers attend the watershed professional development workshop to engage with these resources and conduct field research. These resources are meant to be curriculum support, not a replacement, for that training.

Summer Sightings and Explorations


Summer can be a tough time for animals to find water. Be mindful that all animals need water everyday and they do what it takes to find drinking water and a place to cool down. Many live in or near the water and the summer heat both lowers the water levels and changes habitats.

As the National Wildlife Federation explains, “Having convenient supplies of clean water can make a huge difference to the survival of local wild species such as birds, butterflies and small mammals, during times of extreme heat and drought.” Check out their blog on Simple Tips for Helping Wildlife During Heat Waves and Drought.

Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders Information sheet

Frogs of NH

Turtles of NH

NH Wildlife ~ Fish Facts!

Frog Sounds ~ Frogs make all kinds of different sounds! Listen to the wide variety of calls these frogs and toads make… Music in Nature! The written content on this link is more for the adult reader in mind. Here is a printable version of NH frogs and their sounds. Also check out the Northwoods Frog Call Phenology to see and hear when NH’s frogs will be talking


Birding Locally ~ NH Resources

NH Audubon

Birds of New England

Fishing in NH ~ NH Fish and Game

NH Wildlife Sightings ~ Report What You See! Use your observation skills to help New Hampshire Fish and Game track our local frog and salamander populations.

FAQ about Baby Birds and Nests ~ Cornell Ornithology Lab

Curious about Bird Nesting Habits? Check out NestWatch, a nationwide nest-monitoring program designed to track status and trends in the birding world.

What to do if you Find a Baby Bird…

Go Explore ~

Vermont Institute of Natural Science: see birds of prey up close and personal!

Squam Lake Science Center: Observe NH wildlife and learn about their rehabilitation practices!

Birds and Migration



There are so many wonderful web sites that provide detail information about loons! Have fun learning all about their unique characteristics! The two offered here share videos so you can observe their behavior and audio to identify their different calls.

Photo by Ray Hennessy
Photo by Ray Hennessy

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