Ice Out Declared on Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake!

It’s official, the ice is finally out in the Wentworth Watershed- declared at 3:00 pm 4/14/2023! According to a spokesperson from our “ICE” committee “Warren Sands is clear of ice!” Congratulations to our Ice Out Contest Winner Bruce Gifford, with your winning guess of 4/14/2023 at 3:00pm- a truly impressive and exact guess. You now have bragging rights and an awesome WWA hat or map for the year! If you didn’t win don’t worry, kick back and enjoy the ice-free lakes knowing that you’ll get another shot at a winning guess next year.

Now that the ice is out, we are on loon watch. Loons take daily flights from their ocean wintering waters to the lakes region to check for open water so that they can be the first to claim their breeding territory. Let us know when you hear or see your first loon of the year. In the meantime, enjoy the other waterfowl that are being seen on the lakes including common mergansers, buffleheads, hooded mergansers and the ever-present mallards.

The calendar has been saying that it is spring for a few weeks now, but it is finally starting to feel like it. As eager as we all are to get back out on the water, please remember that the lake water is still very cold and that cold water is dangerous. This time of year, it’s good practice to wear your lifejacket not just have it with you. Make sure that your boats have all the required safety items, and wear proper attire for being out in the cold. Be aware of winter debris in the water including logs, downed tree limbs, and dock parts. All of which can be major safety hazards so take it slow out there and have a spotter in the boat with you. If you see a hazard, please carefully pull it to shore or notify marine patrol.


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