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Lake Level Update

It’s time for a dam update. After communicating with the Town of Wolfeboro Public Works Department, we have confirmed that the Crescent Lake Dam is fully open to its maximum of four feet. Right now the water level is at the top of the dam. The gate is wide open and we should continue to see lake levels fall. Baring another massive rain event, this might be a good time to adjust the height of your dock to this water level.

Do you have questions or concerns about the current lake level? Bob Spear serves as the WWA liaison to the Town when it comes to all things water level and dam. He communicates with the Town of Wolfeboro Public Works Department’s dam operator, Scott Pike. Scott is responsible for operating the dam and adhering to the parameters above set by the Bureau of Dams at NH Department of Environmental Services. If you have further questions you can reach out to Bob Spear or to Scott.

When water levels are this high it is especially important to remember to be wake wise when recreating on the water. The term “wake wise” refers to being conscientious of your boat wake’s impact on the surrounding lake environment. Fish, wildlife habitat, and shorelines are all especially vulnerable to damage from boat wakes. Wake impact can cause severe erosion, sediment displacement, and aquatic disturbance. So, how can you be wake wise and help prevent damage to our lake environment? Check out our informational pamphlet on how you can be wake wise here.

If you would like to learn more about lake level perimeters set by the state our partners at NH LAKES, sat down with Jim Gallager, who heads up the Dam Bureau in 2021 to learn more about Dams and lake levels in NH. You can watch that talk here.

As we get further into the summer season, we will find out if any of our nesting loons were successful this year. If their nests were not predated or flooded, we should see hatchlings soon. Loon chicks typically hatch around mid to late July, so please be aware of their presence. If you see loons in their natural habitat, please stay 150 feet or more from them and their nest. The Loon Census will be conducted on July 15, 2023 from 8:00am to 9:00am. If you would like to participate, please contact Hugh Crawford (603) 630-0815 or Peter Kent (860) 309-0443 by cell or text.

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