High Water Levels in the Watershed

After the unprecedented rain levels we received this weekend, water levels continue to rise throughout our watershed. This torrential downpour produced 5.5 inches of rainfall in approximately 6 hours, making it a historic 200-year event. Weeks of heavy rain are continuing to impact roads, beaches, and docks in our watershed.

We urge that people boat at headway speed to ensure that they do not create wakes that will damage shorelines, cause erosion and create property damage for shorefront property owners. Wentworth Watershed Association is advocating for no-wake orders from the state. We have asked our local state reps to request this order.

The Crescent Lake Dam is fully open. We do expect lake levels to go up before they start to fall. The Town and NH DES Dam Bureau are closely monitoring the structural integrity of the Crescent Lake Dam, which seems to be holding up at this time. 

NH Lakes advises staying out of the water per the recommendation of this white paper for personal safety of contaminants that could be present in the stormwater runoff as it reaches the lake. Also, be aware of debris that may have entered the lakes through tributaries.  NH Lakes released this statement earlier today regarding ways to report your concerns about lake levels to the state:
 “You and your community are encouraged to share your high water concerns directly with the NH Department of Safety Commissioner, Robert Quinn. Commissioner Quinn can be reached at 603-271-2791 and robert.quinn@dos.nh.gov. Concerns about safety should be stressed, followed by concerns about property damage, and environmental concerns (shoreline erosion, septic system flooding, potential for fuel spills – which can all create polluted and unsafe conditions). We also recommend reaching out to your local state representatives to share concerns.”

Share pictures of what you are seeing in and around the watershed over the next couple of days on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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