Watershed Resources for Educators

A bird’s eye view of Heath Brook and Brewster Heath Preserve

As teachers, students and homeschoolers are gearing up for a new school year, the Association wants to encourage classroom and outdoor education about watersheds, here in Wolfeboro and around the world.

To support that effort and encourage the use of the Brewster Heath Preserve as an outdoor classroom, the WWA is sponsoring the Crescent Lake School’s 5th grade classrooms with science tools that will help students explore the forest, wildlife, and water right out the back door of the school. You can see our virtual version of the interpretive trail signs on the Brewster Heath Preserve here.

We will be partnering with the 5th grade teachers and students through out the school year to help them use these new tools, meet experts who will share how they learn and explore the watershed. We hope this opportunity will inspire others to volunteer their time to support education and conservation efforts in this or other local communities.

Here are some awesome curated resources for educators to support watershed and ecology studies.

Here are watershed resources from National Geographic Education. We also suggest partnering with Project Wet for educator training and resources. Have you explored streams and macroinvertebrates inhabiting them to investigate stream health? Here’s a resource from the National Parks to help you explore and learn more about macroinvertebrates and riparian ecosystems in the classroom and in the field.

When studying watersheds teaching children about geography and GIS mapping tools goes hand in hand. Here are some links for mapping tools in Wolfeboro, NH and globally. You can work with paper maps, digital maps and data layers with these links:

Wolfeboro Tax Maps

GranitView Maps


Map Maker Interactive

Google Story Map

If you have a favorite watershed teaching resource please share it in the comments so we can create a currated collection.

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