Eagles – One Chick and Recovering from a Rainstorm

Today, Chris Martin of NH Audubon and I went out looking at the eagles. The new nest in the new tree seems to be a great tree for them and Chris indicated that the nest might still be there (and producing new eagles) for many years. It seems that there is just one chick this year but it is presently about full grown so it basically looks like an eagle although it is not in adult plumage. Our trip occurred after a rather violent rainstorm with wind and when we go there, the adults were trying to get their feathers organized. The pictures show them working on getting things back in order and dried out. There is also a picture of Chris as he has he telescope looking at them. He is interested in whether they are “banded” birds and was only able to see the male (the smaller bird and the one on the right in the pictures) clearly enough to say it had no bands. If anyone has a picture of an eagle with banding, that is of interest. Send your picture to info@lwa.org if you have one. One leg will have a metallic band and the other will have a colored band.

Below are the preening birds and Chris. The two eagles in the picture are in the tall tree in the upper right part of the picture with Chris.


Neither of these pictures show a “classic” eagle pose for both birds. Well, you have to get things in order after you have a bath/shower……

IMG_3850 IMG_3848

None of the head feather of either bird seem to be completely organized.


This last picture shows the male with a completely disheveled head.


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