Fishing Derby Results for 2016

On July 2, 2016 fishing derby participants from the age of one on up thru all ages of adults tried to catch the “big one”.  With a sunny and very, very windy day 16 year old Ryan Brown hauled in a beautiful 4 pound large mouth bass caught that morning in Lake Wentworth winning him the largest fish in his age group and also the largest fish overall!  Congratulations to Ryan!  Other notable fish include one- to two-pound bass, some very large pickerel and  10 year old Claire Veenema caught at least eight fish that she brought in to be weighed!  We were sorry to hear a few reports that some of our usual participants reported that it was too windy in their area to get out to fish that morning. Lots of pictures below………

Trophies were handed out at the LWA Membership Meeting on July 9 for the largest type fish in each age group and a few extra trophies even if it wasn’t the largest in their age group.  The results are as follows and pictures will be available on the LWA website.  Pictures from previous years will be making their way their shortly so please check back often.  It’s wonderful to see so many kids and families out on the lake enjoying some quality family time together.  Thanks to the Lake Wentworth Association for supplying the wonderful patriotic trophies, water, pizza, goldfish crackers as well as participation ribbons.

Even thought many fish were caught only the largest type of fish in each age group for each child is mentioned. 

In the 3 and Under Age Group Louisa Pernokas caught a 1 lb, 3 oz small mouth bass and Liam Murray caught a 5 ounce sunfish.  4-5 year olds Josie Pernokas caught a very nice 1 pound, 5 ounce small mouth bass and Elizabeth Barata caught an 8 ounce white perch.  6-7 year olds Bobby Leary was very proud of his 1 ounce sunfish.  Maeve Murray caught a 7 ounce sunfish and Lily Jones won with her 14 ounce small mouth bass and 7 ounce white perch.  In the 8-9 year old group Ella Jakle had a 7 ounce sunfish, Zion Abiodum won with his 1 lb, 2 oz small mouth bass and Shaun Greenwald with his 9 ounce yellow perch.  Bryce Sandlin and Jenny Baldwin proudly showed their sunfish.  10-12 year old trophy winners include Blake Sandlin with a very nice 1 lb, 2 oz pickerel, Clair Veenema with a 2 lb, 2 oz small mouth bass and a 1 lb, 2 oz large mouth bass, Olivia Ouhrabka caught a 3 oz white perch and Jazmine Jenness an 8 oz yellow perch.  13-14 year olds include Will Harris who pulled in 1 lb, 11 oz large mouth bass and a 1 lb, 5 oz pickerel; Eric Brown won with his largest small mouth bass 1 lb, 12 oz. 15-16 year olds include Mary Gettens with a 7 oz small mouth bass and Michael Langlois with a 5 oz white perch.

The 17 and older adult group winners are Taylor Willard with her 1 lb, 8 oz white perch, Brian Ouhrabka with an 8 oz yellow perch and 7 oz sunfish; newcomer Jeffrey Estiverne had a 5 oz golden shiner; Carley Pernokas caught a 1 lb, 8 oz small mouth bass and a 1 lb, 6 oz large mouth bass.  Also participating were Dan Gettens with a l lb, 6 oz white perch, Caroline Gettens a 9 oz small mouth bass and Jen Oliver with a tiny, tiny sunfish.  Really Jen???  Karen Ouhrabka from Poplar Island hosted with Donna Day from Sister Island.derby9 derby 6 derby 7 derby 8 derby1 derby2 derby3 derby4 derby5derby10

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