Award for the Stamp Act Committee

The New Hampshire Nature Conservancy has selected the Stamp Act Island Management Committee to receive a Special Recognition Award this year! The Conservancy grants the award annually to an individual or entity that has contributed to conservation in New Hampshire in a significant and meaningful way.

The award is in recognition of all that the Committee has done and continues to do to help protect and steward Stamp Act Island, including:

  • Serving as a liaison to the Lake Wentworth community, including the Lake Wentworth Association
  • Helping the Conservancy to set visitor use guidelines and policies that will protect the Island’s conservation values
  • Providing financial support for special projects. In the past 10 years, the Committee has funded studies of the Island’s unique sandy pond shore and black gum communities, and a wildlife study.
  • Supporting on-the-ground stewardship needs. Members of the committee help to maintain signage around the Island that describes the Conservancy’s visitor use policies.
  • Committee members help to both publicize and lead field trips on the Island. This past summer, we successfully led three fieldtrips that drew over 75 participants.
  • Member of the committee sign-up to visit and monitor the island during the busiest periods of the summer, saving the Conservancy a tremendous amount of staff time    

Members of the Committee do spend time educating people about the Island. It is wonderful that the Conservancy has taken notice of these efforts!

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