Christmas 2016 – Not Like Christmas 2015

Christmas this year was different from last year, by quite a bit. Last year, people were kayaking, this year, skiing. While the lake is not “really” all frozen, if you know where it is solid, it is fine to be out there. The problem is that with the new snow, you may not know what is safe. With forecast rain for Tuesday, things can change dramatically. Again, be safe.

This year, there is ice on the lake and skiing from Point of Pines to Governor’s Rock was possible. With the low water level, the rock is quite a bit out of the water.

The skiing was easy because there was about half an inch of crusty stuff on top of the ice. Looking beyond the rocks, however, there is a “lead” where there is open water. This is why it is still not completely safe on the lake. If you don’t know where the ice is thin, you can go for a swim (which may not be a great idea as this time of year). Looking east from the rock, there is more evidence of open water.

 At the same time, people were enjoying being out of the lake. It was a beautiful winter day on the lake, around freezing, no wind and the sun was delightful.

On Christmas last year, things were quite different. It was in the 50’s and it was calm and sunny. You could go anywhere on the lake and not worry about falling through because you were in a boat that kept you dry all Summer and Fall.

Getting to Sister Island may be possible this year with the firmer ice but anyone going out should be thinking of how they would self-rescue if they fall through the ice. Last year, it was quiet and calm there. A very pleasant kayak trip.

The weather is supposed to warm up as it rains so the conditions will change. Later in the week, it is supposed to get colder and perhaps have some snow. Winter in NH is always interesting…..

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