Lake Quiz #3

This is a different kind of quiz. There are two pictures and you have to pick which one is which. Many are quite easy but a few may be harder. Give it a try……

Again, four questions are asked and then the answers are given below them. There are a total of eight questions. You may find that the pictures seem quite small. Enlarging the pictures makes things a bit easier.

Which is Camp Bernadette and which is Camp Birchmont?

Which is the North Beach on Stamp Act and which is the Great East Bay?

Which is Loon Island which is Brummitt?

Which  is Albee Beach and which is the State Park Beach?


Camp Bernadette is on the left.

North Beach is on the Right.

Loon Island is on the Left.

Albee Beach is on the Left

The last four questions:

Which is Goose Island and which is Gull Rock? (Goose Rock is off Hersey Shore and north of Gull Rock that is off Holden Shore)

Which is Bass Island and which is Cate Island?

Which is Copplecrown and which is Mt. Shaw?

Which is taken from Copplecrown and which is taken from Mt. Shaw. (Both are telephoto pictures are of Lake Wentworth.)

Answers to the last four:

Goose Island is on right.

Bass Island is on the right.

Copplecrown is on the right.

The one from Copplecrown is on the left.

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