Changes at the Lake – Yes, Spring Is Arriving

Spring is finally getting here although there are still cool nights. The leaves are starting to “pop” but the colors that they present are light greens and not their “summer” color. There are new eagles on the lake and, of course, there are sunsets.

Looking toward the Lake View Inn, there are all different colors of green. The pines are dark and then there are the light greens of the leaves that haven’t aged in the sun. A few of the trees haven’t put on their leaves so they are still white. If you haven’t been to the lake when these light greens are present, it is a treat. It is different from the Fall colors but it represents the start of the warm months rather than the end.

A close-up of Brummitt Island shows the light green of the birches with the dark pines as contrast.

Mt. Delight, northeast of Warren Sands, looks like a light green blob with its few pines on its slopes. In summer, it is all about the same color.

The white flowers are Serviceberry also called Shadblow. It is an early flowering tree in our woods. This is a tree that is on the NE point of Stamp Act.

On the Connecticut river, the Shad come up river when this tree is blooming and so it was called Shadblow indicating the Shad were running.

Our resident eagle pair has produced two chicks this year and they both were standing up for their portrait. It is pretty amazing that the eggs were laid in late March and the eagles kept them warm through the snowstorm that dropped over a foot of snow on them. Quite amazing birds. The last two years, we have had only one chick so it is nice to have two. On first look, through a telephoto lens from a distance of about 1/4 mile, it may be that there is a male and a female based on beak size but that may be a stretch. Hopefully, they will take their first flights around July 1 and then they will be more visible than on their hard to see nest.

Oh, and yes there are sunsets. Always nice when the clouds are lit red. These pictures were taken a few minutes apart.


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