Dive Team Hitting our Stride

August 4th and August 11th were very productive Saturdays for the Dive Team. On the 4th, divers were in the middle of Crescent Lake pulling some weed watcher identified patches as well as combing other areas pulling random stragglers that could have grown into larger patches if they weren’t identified and removed. On the 11th, we concentrated in the cove by the dam and the shores leading to that cove. Areas that I had personally hand pulled before had some regrowth which is now once again clear. This week we will be planning our activities to address milfoil found in the two brooks on either side of Albee Beach as well as revisiting the cove by the dam.

The Dive Team was very appreciative for the willingness of donors at the Annual Meeting who came forward with donations to fund our new GPS devise. We will use our GPS devise to accurately record, for future monitoring, locations of abated milfoil. Thank you all for your support.

Tom Ouhrabka

PS:  Above is a picture of Bladderwart which is commonly mistaken as milfoil

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