WWA Merchandise and Sailboat Race Results

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The sailboat race is fun for the sailors but it is also great to see all the sails on the lake. It was a light breeze so the race took awhile but it was much better than the day before that had heavy rain.

Results from the August 5th 2018 Sailboat Race

Class A Sunfish over 18        1st place    Ryan Scurlett

Class B Sloop                        1st place    Michael Weidner  /  Devin Weidner         2nd place    Charles Silfuenius  /  Ann Rowe

Class C Multi Hull                 1st place     Robert Weidner  /  Dan Weidner

Class D Laser                       1st place    Keith Simpson                                            2nd place  Bill Durfee

Class E Optimist Dinghy       1st place     Evan Reyes                                              2nd place    James Yarling

Class F Sunfish under 18     1st place     Felix Lawall          2nd place    Hunter Reyes       3rd place    Abigail Weidner / Morgan Weidner

Best Time First Time Sailor                     Hunter Reyes

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