What Is It Like at a Draw Down Year? – You Might Want to Take a Trip to the Lake

Yes, things look different around the lake when there is a draw down. Of course, this is done to allow people to make improvements to their docks and waterfronts, but many more rocks become visible. Oh, and it is hard to avoid them with your boat and also hard to put in and take out boats.

Some of the familiar places don’t quite look the same. It is possible to walk from Bass Island to Little Bass Island without getting your feet wet. With four feet less water, the rocks are out!

There is a red buoy at the west end of Stamp Act. The picture below looks toward Poplar Island with the row of rocks that the red buoy tells you to avoid. Yes, those rocks might do some damage to your propeller even at high water. Obey the buoys.

And the sand bar on Stamp Act that is near Cate Island gets pretty high and dry. Looks like a big sand beach rather than lots of sand under the water.

It is possible to see the rocks that the buoys mark very well. You begin to realize why they are placed where they are.

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