Thanksgiving Week

Some snow came down the Thursday before Thanksgiving, a bit more on Monday and then more on Tuesday. The first snow amounted to about 2 inches, the Monday snow about 2 inches and the second to about 6 inches. Many people didn’t get all that they wanted done before the snow so some woodsheds are not full and lots of leaves were not cleaned up. However, the combination of the recent rain and snow has brought the lake up to its normal winter level from the draw down level. On Thanksgiving, the high temperature is forecast to be around 15 degrees.

The lake, of course, is not frozen so snow on the rocks reflects in the water. This and the following picture were taken on Monday after the second little storm.

Sunset Point was reflecting in the calm waters.The lake was so calm that it was almost inviting for boating except that the air temperature was about 35 and the water temperature is down to around 40.

There are a few stragglers on the lake. Instead of a flock of a dozen or more of Common Goldeneyes, only one was seen and it was with a Hooded Merganser. Both of them looked a bit lonely in the foggy lake and I am sure that they departed.

The next two pictures are of a beach. The first was taken after the first storm, the second was taken after the last storm. The first picture shows little patches of snow along the wall. These were where there were no pines above the beach so the east wind could blow the snow onto the beach. Where the pines were above the beach, the snow fell on them, stayed on the needles and melted before it fell on the beach.

Below are similar patterns but with a lot more snow, most of the beach was covered.

The swamp shown below has some areas where it was frozen so the snow stuck and other places where the water wasn’t frozen so the snow turned to gray slush.

Last, these are two “channel” buoys, one red and one black. Oh, with the snow, they are both white…….. I guess you would have a harder time navigating with all white buoys.



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