Walking the Heath Brook Property

Walking the Heath Brook Property that the Wentworth Watershed Association is working to preserve (see related article) is a true joy. There are mature woods and views of the Heath and Copplecrown Mountain. Plans are afoot to build a trail so that everyone can enjoy the area and to make it a “nature trail” so that people can learn about the area.

The area near Crescent Lake School and McMannus Road has beautiful mature trees, perhaps made more beautiful with their fall colors. In the picture is a trail that runs from Pleasant Valley Road all along the SW side of the property and continues to the NW.


One of the main reasons why the property is important for the lake is that the swampy area filters out many of the things that we don’t want to get into the lake. At the same time, the views of this swampy land are very pleasing to the eye. From one viewpoint, it is possible to look NW along the Heath to near the entrance of Heath Brook into Lake Wentworth.

Looking the other way, it is possible to get views of Copplecrown Mountain. This view is looking SE and the row of pines that are in the middle ground are are where Pleasant Valley Road crosses the Heath.

Ken Perry and Julie Brown were able to enjoy looking at the swampy area at a place where a small amount of “firm” ground goes out into the swamp.

One of the amazing things to see is a huge pine that fell, most likely 5 or 10 years ago. Is is now covered with moss and also become a “nurse” tree for smaller trees that are now growing on it. The trunk is probably 4 feet in diameter, a big old tree.

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