Spring Is Springing

Spring is springing and the weather reports, while not indicating “hot weather”, are getting more like not having “freezing weather”.  It is not time to plant your tomatoes but pansies are just fine…..

Looking at the trees on the south side of the lake, there are poplars what are light green and the red maples are looking quite red.

On Stamp Act, the dark trunks are in contrast to the red of the maples. These maples are in the swamp behind the large bay on the northeast end of the island.

Migrating birds are showing up and this picture shows lots of red winged blackbirds. Why all these “guys” (and there no girls) sit in a tree and talk to each other is a bit of a mystery but if you haven’t set up a territory and are still headed north, talking with fellow migrators may be just fine.

Here is one red wing who has started to claim his little bit of a swampy area.

There are May Flowers now blooming. These are right next to a swampy area and the water may be a bit warmer making a micro climate but seeing them is encouraging.

Oh, and there are some warblers showing up. This is a yellow rumped warbler or sometimes called a myrtle warbler. They are quite common and also early migrators. At the same time, it is great to see them.


A bit further south near the Massachusetts line on Sunday, a black throated green and a yellow warbler were heard. They are coming…..

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