Ben Baldwin Fishing Derby – July 6th

Ben Baldwin Fishing Derby Hosted by the Wentworth Watershed Association

Join us on Saturday, July 6th for the first Ben Baldwin Fishing Derby on Crescent Lake and Lake Wentworth. The Wentworth Watershed Association encourages members and their guests to have a day of fun out on the lakes for a catch and release fishing derby.

Weigh-in will take place from 9am-1pm at the Ouhrabka’s dock located in Smith River on the west side of the Whitten Neck Bridge, near the rail trail.  Medals will be awarded to participants 18 and under for the largest fish caught of each species. Derby results will be posted on the Wentworth Watershed Association Facebook page and website. Ribbons will be given out for participation at the dock where there will be fish ID keys, snacks, and a water bottle filling station. The derby will be held rain or shine. No registration is required for this family friendly event.

The Association encourages all participants to be prepared, stay safe, and demonstrate environmental ethics. In honor of Ben’s desire of becoming a Fish and Game Officer, a special award will be given in his memory to the participant that displays the best fishing ethics.

Be prepared:

Take care of yourself – Wear a life preserver, drink water, and wear sunscreen. Be respectful of private property. When in doubt, ask permission. Give other anglers lots of room.

Take care of the fish – Wet hands or wear gloves when handling fish, bring pliers to safely remove hooks from the fish, clip barbs off hooks, bring a water bucket and remember to add fresh water to allow fish to breath. Catch and release fish quickly. Bring only your largest fish to the weigh-in and return it to the location where it was caught after it has been weighed in. Remove any injured fish or dead fish from the lake and dispose of it properly. Never transport live fish to another lake or stream.

Take care of the lakes and other wildlife – To protect the lake, don’t release live baitfish into lakes, make sure that you are only using lead-free tackle, and take all trash, including fishing line, back to shore to be properly disposed of.


The Wentworth Watershed Association and our volunteer derby hosts, the Ouhrabka Family and the Baldwin Family, look forward to seeing you and your family at the weigh-in dock.

The Wentworth Watershed Association has a proven track record of protecting and advocating for the health of the watershed. The organization is committed to partnering with the Wolfeboro community to provide educational programs and recreational experiences via access to lakes and conservation lands. To become a member and join us in our conservation efforts, please visit

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