Wentworth Watershed Association Summer Kick-Off

Well over 100 people helped the Association to kick-off the summer season. Recent events were reviewed and future ones were announced. The new Wentworth Watershed Association signs were shown (and they should also be seen on the roads to the lake). These signs have summer events listed and the link to the watershed website allows everyone to find out more about these events. In past years, new posters have been put up for each event but the new poster lists them all so you can plan farther ahead. After the brief meeting, delishious refreshments were served and wine and beer as well as other non-alcoholic beverages were available.

The big news, of course, is the Brewster Heath Preserve has been purchased and protected due to the generosity of members, local townspeople and organizations. A bird’s eye view of the Heath shows the winding stream that goes through swampy areas which remove pollutants and help to keep our lake clean. Plans are in the works to make trails, some of which may be ready for use before the end of the Summer.

Executive Director, Julie Brown, was obviously ecstatic about this protected area. And President Anne Blodgett discussed other events such as the Water Summit.


During the meeting, the volunteers were thanked and mention was made of the passing of one of the Associations great volunteers, Bob Morneau, who lived on Crescent Lake. He worked tirelessly on keeping weeds out of the lake and helped in building rain gardens to keep storm water run-off from polluting the lake.

Susan Goodwin, Anne Blodgett and Julie Brown were recruiting volunteers. If you have an interest in investing time in the watershed, there is probably something related to your area of interest where you can really help. Lake Hosts are still needed. Volunteers spend a few hours a week at the ramp. These people help to educate people at Mast Landing, the boat ramp, about invasive species. (In case you wondered, we don’t need more invasive species in our lake.) There is also a paid position open so if you know anyone over 18 who would like a job with flexible hours, please contact the office!

The new signs look slick! The old wood ones had started to look a bit shabby and the white covering associated with the change in name of the organization had generally started to peel off of them. These new ones are a great improvement.

As usual at these meetings, Wentworth Watershed Association goods can be purchased. There are things for people of all ages, from bibs for the 1 year old to coffee mugs for people much older to hats to keep the sun off your face.

So, if you missed it this time around, think about joining the Kick-Off next year.




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