Loon Chronicles 2019- Loon Census Volunteers Needed

We Need Loon Census Volunteers!

July 20 is the annual Loon Census, and we can always use volunteers. The time is 8-9 am. If interested please contact Hugh Crawford at 603-630-0815 or email at hjcrawford@aol.com. The Loon Census is a statewide effort, by the Loon Preservation Committee.

Photo by: Joan Hallett

LOON CHRONICLES 2019– Hugh Crawford

In spite of the fact that we seem to have had fewer loons on Lake Wentworth, we have had of four nesting pairs. This is the most Lake Wentworth has ever had in recent history. This week a pair of chicks that were hatched from a nest on Brummet Island were seen. Another nest in the Heath has been abandoned, and it is still to be determined if any chicks hatched from that nest. Earlier this summer the nest was attacked by an eagle, and destroyed one of the eggs. When the eagle returned for a second attack, a lake resident was able to scare the eagle away, and the Loon returned to the nest and covered the egg. There are possibly two more nests that may produce chicks. Although there have not been any nesting loons on Crescent Lake, there has been a single loon in residence.

If you see any adult loons with a chick or chicks please stay at least 150 ft. away, and use binoculars or a spotting scope, to view the family. Chicks are very vulnerable when they first hatch, as they do not dive the first few weeks. Please report any activity that appears to harass the loons.

Remember for the protection of the Loons please use non-lead fishing tackle.

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  1. I watched the live loon cam sponsored by the the Loon Preservation group. I was sad the day the eagle came and took the chick which was only a few hours old. The second cam showed another pair and they had 1 chick which safely the nest and went off with them. I enjoy these live cams every year. I will be looking for loons in Wentworth when I come up in August. I am never disappointed.

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