Color Is Fading

A few days ago, the color had become a bit “muted”. None of the bright colors but still a great show of Autumn. Mt. Chocorua had no color on it as the leaves were long gone but the near hills were still with color. Oh, none of the bright reds but still nice.


Little Bass Island had its blueberry/sheep laurel bushes in deep red with its small pines sticking up like masts on a ship. This day was calm and even though it was around 60 with water temperatures in the 50’s, it was possible to get out on the lake although few were there.

The woods of Stamp Act were still colored although many of the trees had lost their leaves. These pictures were taken before the recent rain but are nicer to look at than what is left after many more leaves fell.

The eagle pair is still hanging out on the old nest tree, the dead pine that had been struck by lightning. The eagle with the wings out had just arrived on the branch and hadn’t gotten his/her wings organized. They do have a nice vantage point.

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  1. I didn’t know you could see Mt Chocorua from Lake Wentworth. Where did you shoot that photo from – Warren Sands ? What other mountains can you see looking north ? We’re on the north side of the lake (near lakecam) and can only see Copple Crown to the south.

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