Some of Our Properties

The Wentworth Watershed Association has a number or properties along the Northwest shore of the lake. Some, many people see quite often as they are along the rail trail. Another one is more distant with no good access.

The property in the upper left corner is the “Square Hill” property that helps to protect Hersey Brook. It has no easy access and has no trails but it is useful because it won’t have houses with lawns that will add nutrient to the lake.

The property above the “Square Hill Rd.” marking on the map is not part of the Association property but the farthest right one is the Baldwin preserve that had some very nice beaver ponds in it and these are valuable in keeping silt and nutrient out of the lake.

The properties in the lower part of the map are associated with Moose Point and Hersey Point. (There is also Albee Beach which is a town property.) While these properties are not “spectacular”, they protect the streams that run through them and also provide for a pleasant view from the rail trail. These properties have Association markers on them so when you wander past them, you can see where the property is. Walking the rail trail is nice in all seasons and, while many people start in town, it may be more interesting to start at Albee Beach and walk NE.

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