It Is Late November

There are lots of cold and not nice days on the lake, yes, it is late November. However, when it is nice, it is quite nice on the lake. You might need a wool hat and gloves but with no wind, it is quite fine out there. You also should wear a life jacket as the water is cold and if you end up in the lake, you should not first have to figure out how to get your life jacket on….

The eagles are still around although at least most of the loons have left. There was real cold and wind and that sort of said to the loon, “time to get out of Dodge”.

There are goldeneyes but also hooded mergansers. They are “good looking ducks” but are much more skittish than the common mergansers that we generally see around the lake all summer long.

But yes, there are still commons around and they are seeming to enjoy the Fall.

When the winds are calm, the reflections are wonderful. It is still great to be out on the lake!

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