Early December Weather

After the very cold spells in November, temperatures have moderated. A little rain has fallen and then some snow. Wolfeboro missed the large snowfall that southern NH got. We got 5 or 6 inches when some places got 30 inches. On Friday, a “clipper” went by and left an inch or so. Oh, but next Monday and Tuesday are supposed to rainy with 50 degree temperatures…..

It is always wonderful to see the white shores with the water still lapping at the shore. In winter, it is all white so it is different. On this shore, three or four inches of snow are on the beach and the waves have cleared a bit of the sand near the water’s edge.

On Thursday, some small patches of ice cubes were floating down to the beach. One area a few hundred yards from shore were blocking the waves leaving a line of only small ripples. These ice cubes were melted the next day as the afternoon sun melted them quickly and if the water temperature is not cold enough, they melt fast, too.

The shores are now rimmed with ice that was formed when it was cold and windy. The waves splashed on the rocks and then froze and it hasn’t been cold enough to melt it.

The sun is setting early now and in the summer, the sun set to the right of this picture. Now, it has moved far enough south so it sets to the left of this picture.

The late light on the lake, at this time of year, can be quite muted. There is only the dark green of the conifers and a bit of snow seen in the woods.


Even though the lake is not frozen, bays and swampy areas are. Probably not safe to walk on the ice here but if you fell through, you would get wet and muddy but probably would be OK. A dozen mallards were seen just beyond the ice in the open water. They were still dabbling for food and still have a lot of open water. In mid-winter, many ducks, 100 or more, will be at the Falls where the water coming out of the lake keeps the area above the dam open.

And finally, the streams are in the process of freezing up and then melting. This is Townsend Brook and there is an ice layer on it. At the same time, some water is still running over the top of the ice that melts the snow that is falling on it. Nice patterns and you don’t see them in the summer time……..

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