Ice and the Smith River (Photos from March 9th)

The ice is still on the lake although it is thinning. Smith River, however, has been melted for quite awhile and may never have completely frozen. Here are a few pictures from the air of the Smith River and Crescent Lake. These were taken on  March 9th so they are “old news” but might be entertaining as you visit places with your computer from home.

This tour of Mast Landing, Crescent Lake and the Smith River starts with a look at Mast Landing. You can see the open water that is maintained by the bubblers that help protect the docks. The arc of open water is the way that the water flows out of Smith River into Crescent Lake and toward the dam.

This is looking back toward Mast Landing from over Crescent Lake.

Below is a view of looking at the Rail Trail with Goodwin’s Basin on the other side. Because there is no water flow in the basin, it was still completely frozen.

A view of Goodwin’s Basin from higher up show that there is little snow on land near the main road.

Heading toward Lake Wentworth, the Smith River can be seen in the lower right center. The lake was still all frozen but the Rail Trail is very obvious as the boundary to Fernald’s Basin.

Below is a picture of where the Smith River leaves Lake Wentworth. Pine Island (sometimes called Fanny Island) can be seen with three pine trees on it. It is possible to see shallow water on the left side of the channel. This is, of course, shallower than during the summer as we are presently at winter water levels.

The open water in this picture is where the Smith River leaves Lake Wentworth. The Rail Trail is seen as an obvious line and Fernald’s Basin is beyond it.

The last picture is looking down the Smith River toward town. The Smith River bridge is obvious. At this time, you could boat along the river although the water is a little bit chilly.




  1. Thanks Peter! The pictures are great and helps us keep up to date how things are progressing towards spring

    1. You nailed it again, Peter! Hope of spring and the lake amid the chaos and uncertainty of the world right now.
      Thank you for great photos!

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