It Is the Middle of March

It is the middle of March and it has been warm. Snow hasn’t fallen in any measurable amount for about a month although we have gotten quite a bit of rain. It has hit 60 degrees and the snow on south facing hills is gone. Swampy areas are starting to melt out and there are places on the lake where the ice is thin or not existent. The weather is supposed to be “seasonal” for a few days so the ice should stay for at least another week but it is not as thick as it was a few weeks ago. If you venture out, be careful and take self rescue equipment. The water is “ice cold”.

The new trail on the Brewster Heath property has been used quite a bit this winter and a view point of the Heath that looks north shows some open water.

At another view point, there is lots of open water. A few weeks ago, members of the snow mobile club dragged lumber for a bridge to where there is, now, no ice. Guess it was good to get the lumber there when we did.

The lake surface on some days has puddles of water and there is the hope that it will freeze and be good for ice skating but that doesn’t seem to happen as the puddles drain through cracks before it freezes leaving a granular surface that isn’t great for skating. Metal spikes on boots are required for travel.

As the water level changes, rocks push up through the ice. The State requires the water level to be at a certain level for the winter months to protect shores and docks from ice damage. When it rains, the water level rises so the dam is opened to let water out. It does provide interesting ice formations, however.

The sandbar on Stamp Act shows quite a bit of sand at this water level and close inspection shows tracks of birds and otters.

Below is a picture taken from the “beach” (shown above) looking toward Cate Island. Obviously, this is not a place where you would want to walk…….

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