Still Doesn’t Seem Like Spring

Well, the weather guy said that the “sun angle” was like the middle of August but it sure didn’t feel that warm. The high temperature was about 40 degrees and there was a 20 mph wind with higher gusts. A snow squall came through this morning and left the ground white. The good news was that it melted by 9 AM. This has been what it has been like for the last week. Wind, a bit of snow, cold and then one nice day with no wind but most of the days are like “early Spring” weather rather than the “mid-Spring” weather as it is supposed to be.

Below is a picture looking toward Mink Island and Mt. Shaw with rather large waves. Not a day to be out as the water temperature is still around 40 degrees.

Along the shore, some of the birds are returning and this yellow bellied sapsucker was drumming on a fence post to make sure that all the other yellow bellied sapsuckers knew he was there.

On the lake are some migrating ducks. These are buffleheads and do not nest here but they found a nice place to stop over. They are diving ducks and periodically go under water to catch their meal as do the mergansers that we seen on a more regular basis.

We do have our eagles around but whether they are successful in their nesting is still in question. We can be hopeful…..

On the 21st, it was quite warm and a motor boat had returned to the lake. Actually, I saw two of them. It must have been to cold to travel around and none were out today.Guess they were smart!

Below is a short video of what is was like today on the lake. The first part is on Point of Pines, then there are waves breaking on Brummitt Island with Turtle in the background, then waves breaking on Governor’s Rocks and then back to Point of Pines.


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