Goings on and Some Brewster Heath Images

It has been cooler than normal for April. The Portland, Maine TV station indicated that it was 1.5 degrees cooler than normal but it really didn’t seem that way. There was wind, there was rain and although there were some nice days, it was not the best month. March, apparently, was 6 degrees normal than warmer and may have been responsible for the earlier than normal ice out. On the 27th of April, we were supposed to get a few inches of snow but that didn’t materialize, just cold rain and some flakes. Beautiful day on the 29th but then cold and rain for a few days…..

Spring is on the way and there are signs that it is coming. Below is a sign….

One of the things that may be of interest is that the lake seems to be coming back quickly to its “summer” level. It is supposed to be at the winter level until the 15th of April so they then closed the dam up. Since that time, the water has risen and is now only a few inches below the summer level. There have been years when this hasn’t happened so this is a good sign. The picture below of Brummitt Island shows that there isn’t much of a “bathtub ring” which forms at the summer level so we are almost there.

An orienteering map is being made of the Brewster Heath property and of Crescent Lake School and this requires a good look at the entire property. A few places have small vernal pools although the majority of wetlands is directly related to the swamp along the Heath. One interesting tree that was seen was this birch that must have started growing on the top of a hemlock stump but send down roots so it could stand on its own. The hemlock stump if hardly visible in the picture and it is, now, quite rotten.

Below is a link to an “OK” video of the Brewster Heath. It could be better but might be entertaining. It is video from a drone and starts where Heath Brook enters the lake. There is a little sand bar there and then the drone flies up the Heath. When you start seeing pine trees on the right side, you start seeing the Brewster Heath Preserve. When there is a view from higher up, all the land on the right is protected by the Wentworth Watershed Association. The video then shows a return back toward the lake and ultimately a view of the area near the lake that kayakers see when they go into the Heath.

Please remember that with the Corona virus, there are flashing signs indicating that if you come to Wolfeboro to stay, self isolate for 14 days. People, here, are worried about people bringing the virus into the community. Please be considerate.


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