Warm Weather Is Slow to Get Here

They say that April is the cruelest month because it gets a bit warm and then gets cold. This trend seems to have continued into May. An inch of snow fell on the 9th and it was quite a nasty day. In northern Maine, they had over a foot of snow. Nice it didn’t happen here. The wind was blowing hard with gusts to over 30 mph and the temperature was in the 30s. The waves on the lake were big and it was not boating weather. It has warmed some since then and there are forecast 60s for the end of the week.

It is May so here are some pictures of mayflowers which are found along the lake shore. (If April showers bring mayflowers, what to mayflowers bring? Of course the answer is pilgrims.)

On Sunday, the 10th, it was still breezy, well sort of windy, but this crow was headed west past Brummitt Island. It was interesting to see it fly. It slowed for a bit of rest and rode the rising air going up over the island without flapping before continuing toward Stamp Act.

The waves caused some erosion along the shores. The picture below shows the beach with dry sand on the left, then roots, and then with about a 4 inch drop where the waves are lapping. The erosion occurred because the water was at about the normal summer level, it then rained, raised the water level a few inches and then the large waves had their say.

Some southerners are returning and there were dozens of tree swallows flying over the watery areas in the swamps catching bugs. The temperature was in the 30s and they were probably wondering if they had made a mistake to migrate north.

On the 11th, four spotted sandpipers were seen and this species stays all summer, whether these particular birds are just passing through, it is not known.

It was about 60 today in the morning and then a cold front has come through with rain. There was supposed to be a chance of thunder but that hasn’t happened. The temperature has dropped but sooner or later, it will get warmer.


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