Lake Hosts Needed, Shades of Green, Evidence of Crows Harassing of Our National Bird

Most likely, everyone who reads pieces on this website loves our lake. Lake Hosts help to keep our lake free of invasive plants and animals. At this time, more are needed at Mast Landing. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can help. Yes, you need to be trained and you do need to wear a mask but keeping at social distances isn’t an issue and you are out of doors so there is little risk. If you, or someone you know, would like more information about being a Lake Host and helping keep our lake the way it is, please send a message to: Because there aren’t enough hosts, there are times when lots of boats are going into the lake with no one keeping an eye out for invasives.

Being a lake host at Mast Landing will help keep the lake the way it was in this old postcard…..

At this time, there are still many different shades of green as the leaves aren’t mature yet. It is still May and the trees are still growing their leaves and many haven’t changed from their light green colors. Also, higher on the ridges, the leaves are still just starting to grow. Many different shades are visible in this picture of West Jockey Cap and the ridges beyond.

The trees on Stamp Act are also not yet mature and are still smaller than full size so you can see further into the island. This is a picture taken in East Bay.

This is of the west end of Stamp Act looking south toward Long Stack Mt.

Below are some pictures of crows harassing a bald eagle. Yes, the crows are much more maneuverable than an eagle and they also seem to enjoy harassing other birds. When a flock of crows finds an owl or hawk, they will dive bomb the try to drive it away. This time, two crows were harassing an eagle. (One eagle got away because it was higher and glided out of the area quickly.) The first picture shows the crow above the eagle ready to dive, the next shows the crow apparently hitting a wing. The crow then departs and goes faster than the eagle. The last picture is of a second dive bombing. Eagles should get more respect!



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