Birds of Early Summer

On June 1st, there was almost a frost in the morning. On the 5th it hit 80. There have also been some strong winds but that is New England weather. Birds are returning and enjoying the fact that bugs are around for food and more boats are cruising the lake.

Below is a Yellow Warbler who says: “Sweet, sweet, sweeter than sweet.” The eastern birds generally have reddish striping on their yellow breasts while the western birds do not.

The next bird is a Magnolia Warbler. The male’s breeding plumage is striking and makes it easy to identify.

The trees are basically in their summer color, the light greens have darkened so now there isn’t as much variety in color. The leaves are also basically full sized which is not good for birders as it is easier for the birds to hide behind a leaf.

One bird that tends not to hide is the Eastern Kingbird. It is a member of the flycatcher family and often perches near the water, flying off to catch bugs and then return. The white band on their tail is distinctive. They are very territorial and are known to harass other much bigger birds including bald eagles. They are much more maneuverable than the eagles so they don’t seem stressed about getting caught.


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