The End of June and How to Educate Those Who Don’t Know Better

It is almost the end of June with the 4th of July just around the corner. The North Beach will open up on the 1st and people (not dogs) can start to use it. Things around the lake are relatively normal as you can’t “see” the virus and people are enjoying the lake. (Some people wish that the fish in the lake didn’t “social distance” as much but even if you don’t catch a fish, it is nice being on the lake.) The weather has been hot and dry with less than an inch of rain the entire month up to the 28th. A few brief showers have occurred but not enough to really help the gardens.

Reports have surfaced of people going into the Heath at high speed on jet skis and motor boats. This is a problem because of milfoil issues and props cut the weed and it can then find new places to grow. If you can, speak to people doing things that are harmful to our lake. If you do, don’t raise your voice more than to be heard and state reasons, don’t just say “don’t do it”. The Stamp Act Committee figures that they are educators and when people know the reason for the rules of the Island, they generally do the right thing. We are also in a “political” time and people tend to dig in their heels. Realize that you won’t reach everyone but you may reach some. Oh, and you can help educate people if they get too close to loon chicks. If you are trying to get a picture with your cell phone and get within 40 yards, you are too close.

Floating around the Sister Islands, is enjoyable in a canoe, kayak or paddle board. Motor boats are fine but there are rocks and the motor makes a bit more noise than paddles.

Flowers have sprung up around the islands and it is nice to see these “front yards” decorated with flowers.

The lake has not had many successful nesting loons or eagles compared to previous years. The eagles didn’t have any chicks to fledge and only one loon pair seems to have nested. They also lost one of their two chicks soon after hatching. It is true, however, that the second chick to hatch only has about a 30% chance of survival so the loss of one chick is sad but not uncommon. The eagles seem to be relaxed in a tree on Stamp Act. The female, I think, is on the left as females have much larger beaks than the males and are also about 50% larger.

Enjoy the lake and stay healthy.

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