Sort of Like the End of November

As expected, it has gotten colder as we get to the end of November. It has been down to the high teens on a few nights but then the temperatures have rebounded to the upper 40s. If there is no wind, it is still pleasant at the lake. Few people are venturing out in boats but a few people have been seen fishing. The north beach on Stamp Act has been empty and the reality is that, because of the low sun angle, it never gets any sun. Not ideal for swimming………

Skims of ice have been seen on the small inlet streams but after a quarter of an inch of ice forms, it then has melted. Waves along the beaches have made the sand wet and then it has frozen but then has thawed. This is a freeze thaw cycle.

In the cold wind events, waves splash on the rocks and coat them but this ice was gone in a day or so.

Common Mergansers are still around and these two are swimming around in fallen leaves in the East Bay of Stamp Act. Birds seem to go there because they are out of the west or north winds.

Mallards are still around and it is really “good pickings” for them because the water level is low. Mallards are “dabbling ducks” and tip upside down to get things on the bottom. With the lower water levels, they can reach places that were unavailable during the summer and early Fall. Periodically, a duck needs to stretch its wings and get the feathers back in place. Here, a female does just that.

Only to be copied by a male.

The lake is still unfrozen and will be for a month or so but other than the conifers, nothing is green in the surrounding woods. 6 months from now, things will change.

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