Winter Has Come. Snow Is On the Ground

After rain and such, the 5th of December produced some Winter. Well, some places in Wolfeboro didn’t get a lot while others got 8 to 10 inches of snow, wet snow. It seems like we were on the edge of the rain and snow line so differences were great from place to place. On a hill SE of the Point Breeze, the trees had three or four inches of wet snow hanging on them. At the lake, a mile away, there was hardly any snow.

Below is a picture of a road to the lake on the day when the snow started. It is now white but there is less than an inch of snow on it. You can XC ski on it but sometimes you hit pebbles and scrape the ski bottoms.

On the 5th, the swamps were “sort of” frozen and now all the parts that were frozen are white. Not a place for the dabbling ducks of the last posting. Frozen water is hard for them to dabble in.

Looking across the lake toward Bass and Stamp Act, the colors were gray with some conifer green. Sort of interesting contrasts between where there were pines and where there were not.

On Saturday, the 5th, the snow had started mid morning and in the afternoon, there was snow on the beaches. This beach runs north-south and the pines protected the area near the wall from getting any snow because the pines, to the east of the beach caught the snow.

As the wind shifted, ultimately the entire beach that was out of the waves got snow. At the end of the snowstorm, the area near the wall had about 2 or 3 inches.

It is supposed to be cold for the next week, lows in the 20’s and highs maybe in the 40’s. Looks like Winter is coming.

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  1. Thank You Peter. Excellent pictures as always. I vicariously am at the Lake through your efforts. I hope to be on the island Friday and then the boat comes out. I think its about time. Tom

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